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Article 126

Prohibitions re ballots, etc.

No person shall

(a) forge a ballot;

(b) without authority under this Act, print a ballot or what purports to be or is capable of being used as a ballot at an election;

(c) being authorized under this Act to print a ballot, knowingly print more ballot papers than the person is authorized to print;

(d) print a ballot or what purports to be or is capable of being used as a ballot at an election with the intention of causing the reception of a vote that should not have been cast or the non-reception of a vote that should have been cast; or

(e) manufacture, import into Canada, have in possession, supply to an election officer, or use for the purpose of an election, or cause to be manufactured, imported into Canada, provided to an election officer, or used for the purposes of an election, a ballot box that contains a compartment into which a ballot may be secretly placed or a device by which a ballot may be secretly altered.