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Article 139

Procedure applicable to an initiative and counter-proposal

1 The People vote on the initiative and the counter-proposal at the same time.89

2 The People may vote in favour of both proposals. In response to the third question, they may indicate the proposal that they prefer if both are accepted.

3 If in response to the third question one proposal to amend the Constitution receives more votes from the People and the other more votes from the Cantons, the proposal that comes into force is that which achieves the higher sum if the percentage of votes of the People and the percentage of votes of the Cantons in the third question are ζadded together.


89 Adopted by the popular vote on 27 Sept. 2009, in force since 27 Sept. 2009 (FedD of 19 Dec. 2008, FCD of 1 Dec. 2009; AS 2009 6409; BBl 2008 2891 2907, 2009 13 8719).