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Section 76

(1) The National Election Office shall have the responsibilities listed in Section 75, and, in addition, it shall:

a) provide for the maintenance of the central electoral register;

b) conduct public procurement procedures necessary for carrying out the elections, procure products and services;

c) oversee the setting up and secure operation of the IT system;

d) carry out the central logistical tasks related to the elections;

e) carry out the central tasks related to the financial execution of the elections;

f) ensure that data related to the elections is stored securely;

g) operate the official website of the elections;

h) organise administrative and IT tests;

i) ensure that the central forms necessary for conducting the elections are printed and shipped;

j) carry out research regarding the history of elections, the international comparison of election systems and the possible improvements of the methods and tools of the electoral procedure;

k) cooperate with election bodies of other countries;

l) have the power to propose the adoption or amendment of legislation affecting elections, and shall issue opinions on draft legislation affecting its scope of authority.

(2) The National Election Office shall regularly publish, and at least daily update, information of public interest related to registers, voting and the results of the election on its website, especially:

a) the number of voters with no Hungarian address who requested entry into the register, who were entered into the register, who submitted their voting documents, and those who submitted valid voting documents, broken down by country based on their contact address, with the data from countries that do not allow dual citizenship being published under a combined heading;

b) the number of voters listed in the central electoral register, the number of voters listed in each of the polling district electoral registers, the number of voters who changed polling districts, the number of voters listed in the foreign representation electoral register, and the number of voters listed in the postal electoral register;

c) the number of voters showing up to vote at each of the polling stations and foreign representations;

d) the results of the election in the polling districts and the contents of the records determining the result of the election.

(3) The National Election Office shall only appoint a State administration body or a data-processing economic operator owned exclusively by the State to process data relating to

(a) the keeping of registers of polling districts and constituencies,

(b) the central electoral register, polling district registers, foreign representations’ electoral registers, the postal electoral register,

(c) the keeping of a register of disenfranchised citizens,

(d) the keeping of registers of nominating organisations, candidates and lists,

(e) the keeping of a register of representatives,

(f) the keeping of registers of verification of citizens supporting referendum initiatives, European Citizens’ Initiatives, initiatives to declare a community indigenous to Hungary,

(g) the keeping of registers for turnout data in elections, the keeping of registers of preliminary and final data of records, and

(h) the keeping of users’ registers ensuring electronic access to registers as listed in a)-g)

except for a specific exemption from that restriction as defined by Act on the increased protection of public registers pertaining to public data.