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Section 92

1) Requests – with the exception of subsection (3) – regarding the central electoral register shall contain the voter's

a) name;

b) birth name;

c) place of birth;

d) personal identification number.

(2) In case of voters with no Hungarian address who request their inclusion into the register, the request shall contain – beyond the data detailed in subsection (1) –

a) the postal address where the voter wishes the voting package to be sent, or

b) the designation of the settlement or foreign representation pursuant to Section 277 (2) where the voter wishes to collect the voting package.

(3) A request submitted through electronic identification shall contain data as specified in subsection (1) a) and d). Furthermore, for voters having no Hungarian address such a request shall contain data as specified in subsection (2), as well.     

(4) If they submit their request without electronic identification, voters with no Hungarian address shall be required to provide – and voters with a Hungarian address shall have the option to provide – their postal address, e-mail address or fax number where they wish the notification pursuant Section 95 (3) to be sent.

(5) Voters with no Hungarian address may supply the number of their identity document issued by an authority instead of their personal identification number.

(6) Voters not included in the register of citizens’ personal data and addresses may provide their address.