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Section 103

(1) Requests for mobile voting may be submitted by voters listed in the polling district electoral register who are limited as to their movement due to their health condition, disability or detention.

(2) Requests for mobile voting shall be submitted:

a) to the local election office

            aa) by mail or electronically without electronic identification on the fourth day before the voting at the latest

            ab) in person or electronically through electronic identification on the second day before the voting, or

            ac) electronically through electronic identification, from 16:00 on the second day before the voting until 12:00 on the the day of voting,

b) by an empowered representative or by a person who is not empowered, on the day of voting by 12:00 at the latest, to the polling station commission.

(3) Applications for mobile voting shall contain

 a) the voter's address in the polling district where they wish the mobile voting to take place, if this is different from their Hungarian address; and

b) the reason for requesting mobile voting.

(4) A voter who – on the basis of Section 102 (3) – has been removed from the polling district electoral register of his address and who has been put on the electoral register of another polling district, may request for mobile voting taking place at his address.