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Section 174

(1) Before the start of the vote, the polling station commission shall verify the condition of ballot boxes and the fact that they are empty, together with the first voter. The first voter shall not be a member of the polling station commission or the record keeper.

(2) The ballot boxes shall be sealed, in the presence of the voter who is the first to cast his or her vote, in such fashion that no ballot could be removed from them without taking them apart.

(3) Following this, the polling station commission members present and the first voter shall sign the polling district's official record to certify that the ballot boxes were empty when they were sealed and that they were sealed in accordance with the rules.

(4) The polling station commission shall place a review sheet in the mobile ballot box, which shall contain the time and date of inserting the review sheet and the signatures of the members of the polling station commission present and the first voter.

(5) Voting shall not begin before the authentication of the boxes.