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Section 269

(1) Voting at foreign representations shall be possible if the host state does not object to it.

(2) Votes may be cast at foreign representations on the day of voting in Hungary, between 06:00 and 19:00 local time. At foreign representations where the time difference is -1 hour or -2 hours compared to Central European Time, votes may be cast between 06:00 local time and 19:00 CET. At foreign representations established on the American continent, votes may be cast on the day prior to voting in Hungary, between 06:00 and 19:00 local time.

(3) Election offices at foreign representations shall execute the tasks set for polling station commissions – except for the counting of the votes. The head of the election office at the foreign representation shall decide contentious issues arising during the voting.

(4) Voters entered in the foreign representation electoral register may vote at the foreign representation, or, if the building of the foreign representation is not suitable for conducting the voting, in another polling station provided by the foreign representation. If necessary, more than one location shall be provided for voting, and a sufficient number of polling booths and ballot boxes shall be provided to ensure continuous voting for the voters in the foreign representation electoral register.

(5) From the start of voting to the closing of voting, foreign representation election office members, media content provider representatives and foreign representation and international observers may be present in polling stations.

(6) The National Election Office shall be informed about the suspension of voting without delay with a view to the legal continuation of voting.

(7) The foreign representation election office shall place a review sheet in the ballot box, containing the time and date the sheet was placed in the ballot box and the signatures of the members of the foreign representation election office present and the citizen who is the first to cast his or her vote.