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Section 292

(1) The parliamentary single-member constituency election commission shall, on or before the eighth day preceding voting day, designate the polling station commission that will count votes cast at foreign representations and votes cast by voters who changed polling districts. This shall be a polling station commission that operates in the settlement where the seat of the parliamentary single-member constituency is located, and shall not be the polling station commission of the polling district designated pursuant to Section 78.

(2) When the voting is closed, the polling station commission set forth in (1) shall seal the ballot box in such fashion that no ballot paper can be either put into or taken out of it. The polling station commission shall hand over the ballot box to the head of the parliamentary single-member constituency election commission, who shall arrange for its safe storage.

(3) The head of the parliamentary single-member constituency election office shall, no later than the sixth day after the day of voting in Hungary, hand over to the chairman of the polling station commission defined in (1) the ballot box and the package referred to in Section 287 (1).

(4) The polling station commission as defined in (1) shall mix – without opening them – the envelopes in the packages as specified in Section 287 (1) with the envelopes that contain the votes cast at the polling district, and carry out without delay the tasks set for the polling station commission in Chapter XI.