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Section 346

The Minister is authorised to specify by decree:

a) the detailed rules on the tasks falling within the competence of election offices;

b) the forms to be used in elections;

c) the terms and deadlines of the electoral procedure;

d) the data to be covered by national election result summaries;

e) the flat rates of election costs, items and related expense reporting and internal audit procedures;

f) the remuneration paid to members of election commissions – with the exception of the National Election Commission – and to members of election offices.

g) the documents accepted as proof that a person acting as the representative of a media content provider is doing so with authorisation;

h) the detailed rules on the payment of fines.

i) the settlements and foreign representations where voters with no Hungarian address may – on their own request – collect the voting package in person,

j) detailed rules on how the Government Offices of the Capital city and the counties should provide election related IT assistance,

k) rules on the reimbursement of valid and verified costs of elected members of the National Election Commission related to the functioning of the Commission

l) the conditions concerning the tasks of the polling station commission linked to the conduct of elections under which – if they stand – the polling station commission shall carry out its activities in several rooms of the same building at the same time.