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Article 114

Cancellation of Decisions of Election Commissions on Voting Results and Election (Referendum) Returns

114.1. The Central Election Commission may appeal to the courts, prior to the official publication of election returns, to consider the election of a candidate or outcome of a referendum invalid, if it is discovered, after the preliminary election results are officially published, that a registered candidate, political party, bloc of political parties, or referendum campaign group has committed a violation mentioned in Article 88.4 of this Code that obscures the proper determining of election results.

114.2. A court, determines that violations mentioned in Article 113.2.3 of this Code occurred and that the determination of voters’ will is not possible as a result, it may cancel the decision of a relevant election commission on election (referendum) results. In such circumstances, the elected candidate will be considered to have lost his/her authority.

114.3. The relevant court may cancel the decision of the election commission on voting results and election (referendum) results for a single-mandate or nationwide constituencies if:

• the rules for compiling the Voters’ List, forming election commissions, voting, counting votes, or determining election (referendum) results are violated;
• other violations, as defined by this Code, occur;
• it is impossible to determine the voters’ intention due to the abovementioned actions (or lack of actions).

114.4. The relevant court or the Central Election Commission may cancel decisions of the Precinct or Constituency Election Commissions on voting results or election results in the circumstances considered by this Code.

114.5. The discovery of irregularities regarding assistance to candidates who are not elected may not be a basis for the cancellation of the decision on election results.