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Article 5
Article 5
Voter Card
(1) After the election has been promulgated, upon request of such a qualified voter who will not be able to vote in the election precinct where he/she is recorded in the list of qualified voters the Municipality shall issue a voter card and delete him/her from the list of qualified voters. The deletion shall be effective only during the time of the poll by means of the voter card.
(2) The voter card shall authorize for a record to the list of qualified voters in any election precinct; the record shall be effective only during the time of the poll.
(3) In cells of police detention, in custodial facilities or places for serving summary punishment, and in facilities for serving infamous punishment where no special election precinct has been established, the precinct election commission within whose territory such a facility is located and in cooperation with the Head of the respective facility shall provide the qualified voters with a chance to vote by means of a voter card. In this case the size of the election precinct does not have to be observed. If a qualified voter is brought in and it is possible, the respective unit of the Police Force or Military Police shall enable such a voter to exercise his/her right to vote.