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Article 82

Voters who are registered in the voting rights of citizens of the Republic of Slovenia who have permanent residence in Slovenia, you can vote by mail or at the embassy of the Republic of Slovenia, if the state in which they reside, allows such a vote, or if it allows interstate agreement. These voters are timely sent ballot papers with attached voting card.

Voters who on the day of voting abroad, because there staying, you can vote by mail or at a diplomatic mission or consular post of the Republic of Slovenia, if you report this to the National Election Commission no later than 30 days before voting day, and if the country in which they reside, allows such a vote or if it allows international agreement.

If a voter to vote by mail ballot shall be considered if the envelope with the ballot accompanied by his handwritten signed electoral map.

To vote by mail abroad on diplomatic and consular missions of the Republic of Slovenia, the provisions applicable to the vote in the Republic of Slovenia.

Notwithstanding the provisions of Articles 73 and 74 of this Act shall be carried out by officially vote blank ballot paper, which contains the code constituencies and electoral districts and voting instructions. Voters expressed their will so that the space on the ballot handwritten or otherwise enter the full name of the candidate for whom to vote, or the name of a list of candidates for whom to vote.