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Article 33

Duties of Precinct Electoral Bureaus

The Precinct Electoral Bureau shall:

a) keep the voters’ lists, ensure the integrity of voters’ lists and of ballot papers;

b) consider requests related to errors made in voters’ lists, make the required changes thereto, and issues certificates to voters who will be away from their domicile on the Election Day;

c) prepare additional electoral lists and include those voting without having a vote certificate, as well as voters who, due to various reasons, were not included in the main voters’ lists;

d) notify the public residing within the Polling Station about the date of elections and the location of the polling station, prepare the polling station premises for voting and install ballot boxes and voting booths; organise the voting process during the Election Day, and ensure public order within the premises of polling stations;

e) tabulates the election results in the Polling Station, prepare the Protocols and reports, and submit them along with all ballot papers to the District Electoral Council;

f) consider requests and complaints regarding the organisation and conduct of elections, adopting decisions thereto, copies of which are attached to its report;

g) provide the District Electoral Council with data regarding voters’ turnout, as well as the data required for tabulating the preliminary election results;

h) perform other duties under the present Code;

i) ensure that voters, observers, and candidates have access to information from the State Registry of Voters and to voters’ lists.