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Article 42

State Registry of Voters

(1) The State Registry of Voters is a single integrated information system for keeping records on Moldovan voters. It is designed to collect, store, update and review the data on the Moldovan citizens who have attained the age of 18 years and have no stautory prohibitions to vote. The State Registry of Voters development, management, amendment and update is carried out on the basis of a Central Electoral Commission Decision.

(2) The Central Electoral Commission shall compile the voters’ lists based on the State Registry of Voters, which is created using the State Registry of Population. The managing authority of the latter shall provide free access to the Commission on a yearly basis, by 31 January the latest, and on periodical basis. When holding elections, following the announcement of the date of elections, the managing authority shall provide the Commission with the data and information required to prepare and update the State Registry of Voters.

(3) The State Registry of Voters shall contain the following information about each voter:

a) full name;

b) date, month and year of birth;

c) state identification number (IDNP);

d) address of domicile (country, locality, street, house, apartment);

e) address of residence (country, locality, street, house, apartment);

f) series and number of the identity document (national ID, passport, military ID).

(4) The voters with domicile or residence abroad, as well as the voters who are temporarily located abroad, upon their request, shall be recorded in the State Registry of Voters with the relevant data about their last domicile or residence.

(5) Deceased persons and those who have lost the Moldovan citizenship shall be removed from the State Registry of Voters based on the information presented by the authority which manages the State Registry of Population. The persons who have lost their election rights are kept in the State Registry of Voters with the note “Lost the voting right” and are not included in the voters’ lists.

(6) The data and information contained by the State Registry of Voters are designed exclusively for election processes and shall be accessible on the Central Electoral Commission website, each voter having access to his/ her private data only.