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Article 44

Voters’ Lists

(1) The voters’ lists developed on the basis of the State Registry of Voters, are lists comprising data on all citizens eligible to vote, have the domicile or residence on the territory of a polling station. A voter may be included in one voters’ list only and at one polling station only. The voter who has both domicile and residence is registered during the validity of the residence in the voters’ list of the polling station within the respective residence. The Central Electoral Commission shall approve the Regulation on developing, managing, disseminating and updating the voters’ lists.

(2) The voters’ list shall contain the following information:

a) locality and the number of the polling station;

b) voter’s full name and the year of birth;

c) voter’s domicile/residence;

d) state identification number (IDNP);

e) series and number of voter’s identification document.

(3) For communes the voters’ lists are developed based on villages and, if applicable, based on streets, while for cities and municipalities the lists are developed on the basis of streets and apartment blocks. The distribution of voters shall be performed based on the information provided by the relevant local public authorities.

(4) The voters’ lists which contain military personnel in military units, as well as their families, and other voters having domiciles on the territory of military units, are developed on the basis of data provided by the Commanders of the respective military units. The military personnel with their domicile outside of the military units, including their families, are included in the voters’ lists according to their domicile.

(5) For the polling stations created in health resorts, rest-homes, and in hospital facilities and other inpatient medical facilities, the voters’ lists are developed on the basis of voters declaration regarding his/her place of stay or based on data provided by the management of the aforementioned institutions.

(6) For the polling stations created outside the Republic of Moldova, the voters’ lists are developed based on data collected by the heads of diplomatic missions and of consular offices established in the respective countries. At the beginning of the electoral period, the diplomatic missions and consular offices shall made public and update the voters’ lists held. At least 25 days prior to the date of elections, the voters’ lists update shall be ceased. The updated lists shall be sent to the Central Electoral Commission without delay.

(7) If a voter has changed his/her domicile or residence during the period after the voters’ lists were developed and before the date of elections, the electoral bureau of the polling station from the previous domicile, upon the request of the voter and on the basis of the identity document accepted for voting, shall issue the voter a certificate confirming the right to vote. The voter who received such a certificate confirms its receipt by affixing his/her signature in the voters’ list in the row with his/her name under the heading “Notes”. The mentioned heading shall state the date of certificate issuance, its number, and the name of the electoral bureau member who issued it.

(8) Persons holding the right to vote who have changed their place of stay after the last elections are entitled to declare their new place of stay to the local public administration authority no later than 30 days before the next elections. Such persons shall be included in the voters’ lists of the polling station corresponding to the place of stay. The appropriate local public authorities shall convey the respective information to the Central Electoral Commission without delay.

(9) The Central Electoral Commission shall convey voters’ lists to local public authorities/diplomatic missions or consular offices no later than 22 days before the Election Day, in triplicate, containing a stamp and other authenticity signs affixed on each page. Two copies of the lists shall be sent immediately to the Precinct Electoral Bureau, and one copy is kept at the Mayoralty/diplomatic mission or consular office.

(10) Voters may require the Central Electoral Commission or the Bureau to operate amendments in the voters’ lists no later than one day prior to the day of election. The bureau shall communicate the requested amendments to the Central Electoral Commission without delay, having attached the supporting documents, i.e. voter’s application, statement and a copy of identity documents.