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Article 56

Voting Conditions

(1) The polling station may not be closed and the voting process may not be suspended during the time allotted for voting, except for the cases of mass disorders, natural disasters, or other unforeseen circumstances which endanger the voters or make the voting impossible. In such cases, the chairperson of the Precinct Electoral Bureau may suspend voting for no more than 2 hours to bring the polling station to its proper condition or move it to another place, having notified the voters thereof.

(2) In local elections, when after 2 hours it is impossible to resume the voting that has been suspended due to the reasons mentioned under paragraph (1), the voting is considered suspended for a two-week period at most. The Central Electoral Commission, within 3 days, shall adopt a decision on the day of resuming the suspended voting. The voting shall be resumed under similar legal conditions.

(3) Individuals entitled to observe the voting may not be obliged to leave the polling station during the time when voting was suspended.