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Article 59

Ballot Paper Filling in Procedure

(1) The ballot paper shall be filled in by the voter in a secret voting booth/room only. A voter who is unable to fill in the ballot paper by him/herself is entitled to invite another person into the voting booth, except for the members of the electoral bureau, representatives of candidates, and persons authorised to observe the election procedures. Such cases of assistance to unable person shall be recorded in the Precinct Electoral Bureau report.

(2) The voter shall affix the stamp with the inscription “Voted” in the circle of only one of the quadrilaterals on the ballot paper, which shall mean that he/she has voted for the respective candidate. The circles in the rest of the quadrilaterals shall remain blank.

(3) Nobody shall be allowed to take an official ballot paper out of the polling station.

(4) Each voter may vote for one electoral competitor only.

(5) If a voter has spoiled a ballot paper by mistake, at his/her request the Precinct Electoral Bureau shall cancel it and issue a new ballot paper. This is allowed to be done just once. A note shall be made on such case in the Protocol prepared on voting results and in the voters’ list.

(6) The voter shall insert the ballot paper stamped “Voted” into the ballot box.