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Article 62

Invalid Ballot Papers

(1) The following types of ballot papers shall be declared as invalid:

a) ballot papers with the constituency and polling station identity numbers that do not match the number of constituency and polling station where the ballot was cast;

b) ballot papers having design than the one legally approved;

c) ballot papers on which the stamp “Voted” has been affixed in more than one quadrilaterals;

d) ballot papers on which the stamp “Voted” has not been affixed in any quadrilateral;

e) ballot papers in which the voters added additional names of candidates or other names;

f) which have been deformed or smeared, making the voter’s option unclear.

(2) As long as the intention of the voter is clear, the ballot may not be declared as invalid simply because the voter affixed the “Voted” stamp several times in a single quadrilateral, or affixed it outside the quadrilateral circle or on the candidate’s symbol or sign.

(3) Prior to declaring a ballot paper as invalid, the chairperson of the Precinct Electoral Bureau shall provide all members of the bureau and persons authorised to observe the election procedures with the possibility to examine it.

(4) If the Precinct Electoral Bureau members have doubts about the validity of a ballot paper, the issue shall be addressed by vote, and the voting results shall be entered in the Protocol of the bureau meeting.