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Article 65

Tabulating the Election Results by the Central Electoral Commission

(1) In parliamentary, presidential, general local elections and republican referenda, based on the documents submitted by District Electoral Councils, the Central Electoral Commission shall prepare within 5 days a Protocol containing:

a) the number of voters included in the voters’ lists;

b) the number of voters included in additional lists;

c) the number of voters who were issued ballot papers;

d) the number of voters who voted;

e) the number that shows the difference between the number of ballot papers issued and the number ofvoters who voted;

f)  the number of invalid ballot papers;

g) the number of valid votes cast for each candidate (for each question put up for republican referendum);

h) the total number of valid votes cast;

i) the total number of printed ballot papers.

(2) In parliamentary elections within the national constituency, in presidential elections and republican referenda, the Central Electoral Commission shall record the final voting results for the entire country in the Protocol to be signed by all Commission members, and prepare a report on the election results. Copies of Protocols containing the tabulation of election results shall be given to representatives of electoral competitors and observers upon their request.

(3) In case of disagreement with the preliminary voting results, prior to the validation of results by the competent bodies, candidates may submit a request to these bodies to recount the votes. A recounting may be ordered by the body entitled to validate the election results based on grounds which could have affected the results of voting and the assignment of mandates, and shall last 7 calendar days at most following the adoption of the decision on recounting. The recounting is carried out by the same electoral bodies; the electoral bodies guilty of fraud shall be replaced. The Central Electoral Commission shall approve the general procedure of recounting, having issued a decision to this end.

(4) In parliamentary and presidential elections the documents referred to in paragraph (2) shall be submitted to the Constitutional Court to confirm the elections results and validate the mandates of members of Parliament and the mandate of the President of the Republic of Moldova.