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Article 74

Courts Decisions on Complaints

(1) A Court shall adopt and announce its decision pursuant to the Code of Civil Procedure and to the Administrative Litigation Law.

(2) Following the consideration of materials on the confirmation of elections legality and validation of mandates, the Court shall take a decision confirming the legality of elections in the respective constituency, validate the mandates of the elected councillors and mayors, and the list of alternates.

(3) If the Court has confirmed the elections legality, but tabulation errors have been found in Protocols, ex-officio or upon the request of a complainant, it shall cancel the Protocol in full or in part and eliminate the candidate with a smaller number of valid votes, replacing him/her with the candidate with a higher number of valid votes from the downwards range.

(4) The Court shall not validate the results of local elections in a respective constituency if the detected infringements committed during elections or during tabulation of results have affected the elections results.

(5) Court decision shall be final and binding upon its delivery.

(6) Court decision may be appealed within one day after its delivery, and the Court of Appeal decision may be challenged within one day after its delivery.

(7) The first and the second appeal shall be considered within 3 days of submission.