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Article 92


(1) Voting in parliamentary elections shall be carried out pursuant to Chapter 9 (Articles 55-60) of this Code, to be applied accordingly.

(2) Students and pupils eligible to vote enrolled in an educational institution located in a locality where they have no domicile or residence may vote at any polling station opened in that locality, being bound to observe the following requirements:

a) to present their ID card and ID slip;

b) to present their student/pupil card, which mentions the educational institution of the given locality where the respective student/pupil is enrolled;

c) to fill in and to sign a statement of personal responsibility to refrain from multiple voting, being informed about criminal liability if this obligation is violated.

(3) Voters specified in paragraph (2) shall be included in the additional list, mentioning the educational institution where they are enrolled, under the heading “Note”.

(4) Until the constitutional control over localities from the left bank of Nistru (Transnistria) is resumed, the voters introduced in the State Register of Voters,  allocated for localities from the left bank of Nistru River (Transnistria) shall exercise their voting right at any distinct polling station according to Art. 81 (2), under the present Code.

(5) In case of polling stations established for abroad, Moldovan citizens who are abroad on the Election Day and who, for different reasons, did not register in advance, shall vote at any polling station established abroad, under this Code.