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Article 27

Deletion, Entries and Additional Entries

(1) The names of any citizens, who have become disfranchised or who are deceased and the names of the persons whereof this is explicitly provided for in the Code shall be deleted from the electoral lists.
(2) (Amend. – SG 98/14, in force from 28.11.2014) The Directorate General of Implementation of Penal Sanctions at the Ministry of Justice shall provide the Directorate General of Civil Registration and Administrative Services at the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works data about the persons serving custodial sentences for the automated deletion of the said persons from the electoral lists. The said information shall be provided 55 and 15 days in advance of election day, respectively.
(3) The names of any citizens, who have the right to vote in the relevant polling station but have been omitted and those, for whom the ground, on which it was removed has become irrelevant, shall be added to the electoral lists. Any persons, who have completed the service of a custodial sentence or are no longer interdicted, or in respect of whom the grounds on which they have been deprived of the right to elect in a Member State of the European Union have lapsed, shall be entered on the electoral lists upon presentation of a relevant document at the Municipality or region, or City Hall.
(4) The entry as referred to in Para. (3) herein shall be subject to voter’srequest by the authorities under Art. 23, Para. 1 herein until the delivery of the lists to the section election commissions.
(5) The additional entry as referred to in Para. (3) herein shall be made on the election day by the section election commission according to the permanent address (residence address).
(6) The entry, respectively, the additional entry, shall be made subject to presentation of an identity document and of an abode certificate, in the case of a citizen of another Member State of the European Union who has within due term submitted a declaration under Art. 359, Para. 1 or under Art. 408, Para. 1.