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Article 30

Electoral Lists on Board Navigation Vessels

(1) Upon conduct of elections of Members of Parliament, of President and Vice President of the Republic and of Members of the European Parliament for the Republic of Bulgaria, the electoral lists on board navigation vessels flying the Bulgarian flag shall be compiled and signed by the Master of the navigation vessel.
(2) The Master of the navigation vessel not later than 48 hours in advance of election day shall notify the authorities referred to in Art. 23, Para. 1 not later than 48 hours in advance of election day of the persons entered on the lilts so that the said persons could be removed from the electoral lists according to the permanent address thereof before delivery of the electoral lists to the section election commissions.
(3) (suppl. - SG 39/16, in force from 26.05.2016) A voter as referred to in Para. (2) herein, who on the election day is outside of the navigation vessel flying the Bulgarian flag, shall be added on the electoral lilts by the section election commission according to the permanent address (residence address)
subject to presentation of a document from the captain of the navigation battle, an identity document and of a declaration form that he has not voted and will not vote elsewhere.