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Article 35

Public Register of the Non-Resident Voting Certificates

(1) Non-Resident Voting Certificates shall have a uniform numbering for the entire country, including the number of the election region (borough) within the territory whereof the said certificates are issued, the number of the relevant polling station in which the person is supposed to vote according to the permanent address thereof, and the sequential number in the register for issuing Non-Resident Voting Certificates of the competent Municipal administration.
(2) (Amend. –SG 17/19) The Municipal administration shall keep a public register of the Non-Resident Voting Certificates issued, entering therein the number of the certificate issued, the names and the Uniform Civil Number (Personal Number) of the person whereto the certificate has been issued, the date of issuing and the signature of the person who received the certificate, and noting whether the certificate was received in person or through an authorized representative. The personal data in the register shall be accessed in compliance with the requirements for the protection of personal data.
(3) The Municipal administrations and the Mayoralties shall present to the regional election commissions a copy of the register of Non-Resident Voting Certificates issued, not later than 10 days in advance of election day.