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Article 54


(1) (amend. and suppl. - SG 57/16, in force from 22.07.2016) The sessions of the Central Election Commission, including work meetings, shall be broadcasted with sound and image in real time online via the website of the Commission , whereto a public agenda draft shall be made in advance.
(2) (amend. and suppl. - SG 57/16, in force from 22.07.2016, amend. – SG 17/19) The Central Election Commission shall maintain an Internet site, where it shall publish without delay its decisions, the full verbatim reports of proceedings of its sessions, including of working meetings, the methodological guidelines, the preliminary and final election results, and furthermore the results of machine voting and of ballot paper voting upon the summarisation thereof by constituencies, the scanned and the received by electronic means copies of the tally sheets of the constituency and section election commissions, the constituency and Municipal election commissions and other documents and data. As of the date of scheduling of the respective type of elections within one month after the announcement of election results Central Election Commission shall publish full verbatim reports not later than 24 hours after closing the respective meeting. The Commission shall publish on the Internet site thereof all public registers, subject to the requirements for the protection of personal data.
(3) (suppl. - SG 57/16, in force from 22.07.2016) The Central Election Commission shall publish on the website thereof a video recording (archive) of the sessions of the commission, including the working meetings, without delay upon the end of the relevant session, and also the agenda of the meeting, including a time index, allowing displaying the video record of the meeting by parts according to the items of the agenda.