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Article 108

Powers of the Commission

(1) The section election commission abroad shall:

1. implement the activities and see to the application of this Code and the legal regulations thereto related at the polling site and in the area of the polling station;
2.assist to the arrangement of the polling site according to the requirements of this Code and with a view to ensuring access to voting for persons with sight or locomotor impairment;
3. provide free and undisturbed conduct of voting in the polling station;
4. count the votes cast in favour of the candidate lists upon all types of elections; count the preferences for the candidates of political parties and coalitions of political parties upon elections of Members of the European Parliament for the Republic of Bulgaria and issue an abstract of the tally sheet;
5. without delay, but not later than 24 hours local time on the election day, transmit to the Central Election Commission a scanned copy of the signed tally sheet under Art. 282 and of the list for voting abroad;
6. (suppl. - SG 21/19, in force from 12.03.2019, amend. – SG 29/19, in force from 08.04.2019) deliver, care of the diplomatic mission or the consular representation, the election stationery and materials, as well as the tally sheet of the section election commission by the next Diplomatic Bag to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for delivery to the Central Election Commission; within seven days after receipt of the tally sheet and the rest of the election stationery and materials, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs shall transmit them to the Central Election Commission;
7. examine all complaints and signals for breaches in the election process, pronouncing thereon without delay and prior to the end of the election day; and communicating the decision to the complainant forthwith without delay;
8. declare the voting results in a generally accessible place in front of the polling station by placing a copy of the signed telly sheet under Art. 282, Para. 6 for the respective type of election;
9. provide against signature of the members of the commission, the candidates, the election agents, the representatives of the political parties, the coalitions of political parties and the nomination committees and the observers a photocopy of the signed abstract of the tally sheet for the respective type of election with the voting results in the polling station, sealed each page with the seal of the commission and signed by the chairperson, the deputy chairperson and the secretary.

(2) The activities shall be distributed among the members of the section election commission shall be made by a decision in writing upon the opening of the polls.
(3) The directions of the chairperson of the section election commission shall be binding upon all citizens at the polling site. Such directions may be revoked by decision of the section election commission.