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Article 114

Rights of the Observers

(1) The observers shall be entitled to:

1. be present at the sessions of the election commissions;
2. be present at the printing and the delivery of the paper ballots;
3. be present at receiving of the election stationery and materials and the preparation of the polling sites;
4. be present at the polling site at the opening and closing the election day;
5. be present at the polling site during voting;
6. be present at the polling site at the opening of the ballot-boxes and at the establishment of the voting results, wherefor direct visibility shall be provided to them;
7. be present at the delivery of the ballot papers, the other papers and materials to the commissions under Art. 287, Para. 7 and Art. 445, Para.7;
8. be present at the entry and re-entry in the election commissions and the computation centres of the data from the tally sheets with the voting results of the section election commissions; only one observer may be present at the entry of the data from the same organisation;
9. receive against signature a photocopy of the tally sheet for the respective type of election with the voting results in the polling station, and with the voting results in the respective region (borough);
10. lodge complaints and signals for breaches in the election process;
11. perform audit and check of the system for machine voting;
12. be present of all the other stages of the election process.

(2) Not more than two observers from the same organisation may be present at one polling station, with only one of them being allowed to be present at the polling site. The observers shall not be bound to a specific polling station
(3) The observers are entitled to vote with Non-Resident Voting Certificate issued according to the procedure of Art. 34.
(4) The State and the local authorities and their administrations and the election commissions shall be required to co-operate with the observers and, at their request, provide them with information and documents relevant to the execution of their powers.