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Article 120

Rights and Obligations of the Election Agent

(1) The election agent shall be entitled to:

1.render support to the candidates from the candidate list of a party, coalition of political parties or a nomination committee in the region (borough) and to represent their interests;
2. be present at the sessions of the election commissions;
3. be present at receiving of the election stationery and materials and the preparation of the polling sites;
4. be present at the polling site at the opening and closing the election day;
5. be present at the polling site during voting;
6. be present at the polling site at the opening of the ballot-boxes and at the establishment of the voting results, wherefor direct visibility shall be provided to them;
7. be present at the entry and re-entry in the election commissions and in the computation centres of the data from the tally sheets with the voting results of the section election commissions;
8. receive against signature a photocopy of the tally sheet for the respective type of election with the voting results in the polling station, and with the voting results in the respective region (borough);
9. (new - SG 39/16, in force from 26.05.2016) file appeals and signals of violation of the election process.

(2) At the sessions of the commissions may only be present one election agent of candidate list from each political party, coalition of political parties or nomination committee, and upon elections of Municipal councillors and for Mayors the candidate lists for Municipal councillors and for Mayors of the same party or coalition of political parties may only be represented by a total of one election agent.
(3) The election agent may not be companion.