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Article 211

Filling up of the Ballot Box. Opening

(1) When the ballot box is filled to capacity with ballot papers, its slot shall be sealed with strips of paper tape bearing the signatures of the members of the commission, so that it cannot be used any more, which is then stamped with the seal of the precinct election commission. The full box shall remain on the voting table.
(2) The chairperson of the commission shall check the serviceability of the second box and whether it is empty. The box shall be closed and sealed with strips of paper tape signed by the attending members of the commission. The strips of paper tape shall be stamped with the seal of the precinct election commission and then the voting shall continue. This circumstance shall be recorded in the tally sheet of the precinct election commission.
(3) The two boxes shall be opened simultaneously when the voting comes to an end and the ballot papers found in them shall be counted together.