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Article 218

Polling Site and Polling Booths

(1) Samples of ballot papers shall be displayed in front of the polling site.
(2) (suppl. - SG 39/16, in force from 26.05.2016) Polling booths and walls for machine voting shall be placed in the polling sites in such a way as to ensure the secrecy of the ballot. The booths and the walls should ensure the ballot casting of voters with visual or motor impairments.
(3) (amend. - SG 39/16, in force from 26.05.2016) A panel shall be placed in front of the polling site and in the polling booths stating in capital letters the way of preferential voting and that the voter may express their vote only by marking the ballot paper with a "Х" or "V" sign inscribed by using a ballpoint pen writing in blue ink. The dimensions and the type of the panel shall be determined by the Central Election Commission.
(4) (amend. – SG 35/14, in force from 22.04.2014) Upon elections for MPs, Members of the European Parliament for the Republic of Bulgaria and for Municipal councillors, before the polling site and in the voting boots a panel shall be placed, on which with the same size, type and style shall be written the names and numbers of the candidates according to the candidate lists of parties and coalitions. The names of the citizens of another EU Member State, who are not Bulgarian national, but have been registered as candidates for members of the European Parliament for the Republic of Bulgaria or for Municipal councillors shall be written in the Cyrillic alphabet in a way, in which they are written in the application for participation in the election according to the identity card or passport. Before the name of each candidate of the candidate list of a party or coalition a circle shall be placed with the succession number of the candidate in the list, with which he/she has been registered by the relevant election commission.
(5) Upon completion of the preparation for the ballot the site shall be locked and sealed with a paper tape bearing the signatures of the attending members of the section election commission .
(6) The polling sites shall be guarded on the outside by officers of the Ministry of Interior.