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Article 230

Steps at Opening

(1) Immediately before the opening of the polls ballot papers shall be unsealed.
(2) Candidates, election agents and representatives of political parties, coalitions and nomination committees pursuant to Art. 117, Para. 6 and Art. 124, Para. 1, observers complying with the requirements of Art. 114, Para. 2, journalists and voters may attend the opening of the polls on the polling sites.
(3) The chairperson of the precinct election commission shall verify the existence of the electoral papers and materials referred to in Art. 215, Para. 1, the serviceability of the ballot box, also in cases of machine voting, and whether it is empty. After the inspection the box shall be closed and sealed with paper tapes signed by the attending members of the commission and shall be stamped with the seal of the commission.
(4) The chairperson of the section election commission and a member of the commission designated with its decision upon the opening of the polls shall mark in a unique way the seal of the section election commission used to stamp the electoral papers. A protocol on the marking signed by the members of the commission shall be drawn up and it shall contain at least three impressions of the marked seal.
(5) After the performance of the steps referred to in Para. 1, 3 and 4 the chairperson of the section election commission shall declare the polls open.