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Article 236

Voting with the Assistance of an Attendant

(1) (amend. - SG 39/16, in force from 26.05.2016) Where a voter has visual, hearing or other impairment, which prevents him or her from performing, on their own, the required steps in voting, the chairperson of the commission may allow performance of the voting with the assistance of an attendant named by the voter. If the decision of the chairperson is challenged by a member of the commission, the dispute shall be ultimately settled by the section election commission. With regard to a voter moving with the help of an assistant but capable of performing the necessary voting steps on his own, the assistant shall be allowed only to the voting booth, which he shall exit while the voter votes.
(2)The full name and the Uniform Civil Number of the attendant shall be entered in the "Notes" section of the electoral list opposite the name of the voter by a member of the commission. The details of the attendant shall also be entered on the list for additional entry of attendants and then the attendant shall affix his or her signature. The said list shall also be signed by the chairperson and the secretary.
(3) Where the impairment prevents the voter from signing, a member of the commission shall enter the note "voted" in the signature field and shall affix his or her signature. This circumstance shall be recorded in the "Notes" section and in the tally sheet of the section election commission.
(4) Illiteracy shall not be a reason for voting with the assistance of an attendant.
(5) A single person shall not act as an attendant to more than two voters.
(6) A member of the commission, representative of a party, coalition or nomination committee, agent or observer shall not act as an attendant.