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Article 237

Taking Delivery of the Papers. Marking of the Seal

(1) A voter with permanent disability that prevents them from exercising their voting right on the polling site, who has filed a request as per Art. 37, Para. 1, shall be visited by a mobile section election commission on election day.
(2) The members of the mobile section election commission, who operate the mobile ballot box, and who are not fewer than four, shall take delivery from the chairperson of the commission of the roll referred to in Art. 37, Para. 4, of an empty sealed ballot box stating in capital letters that the voter may express their vote by marking the ballot paper with an "Х"or „V"sign inscribed by using a ballpoint pen writing in blue ink, of a book of ballot papers and a seal. The number of the ballot papers shall be equal to the number of the voters entered on the roll for voting by means of a mobile ballot box increased by 10 per cent.
(3) The seal for voting by means of a mobile ballot box shall be marked and a protocol shall be drawn up thereof containing at least three impressions of the marked seal and it shall be signed by all members of the mobile section election commission.