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Article 238


(1) During the visit to the voter’s home the members of the mobile section election commission shall place the mobile ballot box at an accessible and visible place in their home. The details of the voter’s identity document shall be checked against those on the roll and entries shall be made on the roll of the Uniform Civil Number (Personal Number), the type and number of the identity document, respectively the number of the certificate of residence and the date of registration stated therein. The identity document, respectively the certificate of residence of a national of another European Union Member State, shall remain with the members of the commission until the voter signs the list.
(2) In the case of voting by means of a mobile ballot box, other persons, including the members of the section election commission, who operate the mobile ballot box, shall not be present in the premise with the voter, unless the voter is unable to perform the required steps on his or her own and has to vote with the assistance of an attendant. The full name and the Uniform Civil Number (Personal Number) of the attendant, as well as the reason for voting with the assistance of an attendant shall be entered in the "Notes" section of the electoral list opposite the name of the voter by a member of the commission. The details of the attendant shall also be entered on the roll for additional entry of attendants and then the attendant shall affix his or her signature. The list shall be signed by the members of the mobile precinct election commission that operate the mobile ballot box. The requirements under Art. 116, Para. 2, Art. 120, Para. 3, Art. 126, Para. 3 and Art. 236, Para. 3-6 shall also apply in cases of voting by means of a mobile ballot box.
(3) After the entry of the details in the roll, the members of the commission shall give the voter a ballpoint pen writing in blue ink and a ballot paper from the book of ballot papers, which shall be torn off the book at the time of handing it out. The ballot paper shall be stamped with the seal of the commission upon its submission by the voter. In cases of elections for municipal councillors and mayors, the voter shall receive a ballot paper for each type of elections.
(4) (amend. – SG 35/14, in force from 22.04.2014) The voter shall vote by marking with an "Х" or "V" sign the box with the number of the list of candidates of his choice, which expresses unequivocally his vote. In cases of elections of members of parliament, members of the European Parliament from the Republic of Bulgaria and of municipal councillors, the voter may, if they wish so, mark one of the small circles before the name of a candidate of a political party, coalition or nomination committee of their choice with an "Х" or "V” sign, which shall show unequivocally their preference for the respective candidate.
(5) (suppl. - SG 39/16, in force from 26.05.2016) The voter shall fold the ballot paper in a manner making the marking of a political party, coalition or nomination committee or his preference invisible. The folded ballot paper shall be handed to the members of the commission, who shall check if the number on the ballot paper corresponds to a stub number. If there is a match, the ballot paper shall be re-stamped with the seal of the commission. The voter shall deposit the folded ballot paper in the ballot box, sign the electoral list and be given their documents back. The members of the commission shall enter the time of voting in the "Notes" section.