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Article 241


(1) In cases of elections for MPs, for a President and Vice President of the Republic of Bulgaria and for members of the European Parliament from the Republic of Bulgaria, a voter, who is a full-time pupil or university student, shall have the option to vote at the polling station of the populated place, where they study, when it is other than the populated place at their permanent address, after the presentation of:

1. an identity document;
2. a pupil's book duly certified for the relevant school year by the educational establishment with a head office in the relevant community or a student’s book duly certified for the respective term;
3. a standard declaration that they have not voted and will not vote elsewhere.

(2) A voter, who is a pupil or a University student, shall be entered on the supplementary page of the electoral list. All details of the voter shall also be entered on the supplementary page of the electoral list.
(3) The declaration referred to in Para. 1, p. 3, shall be enclosed with the electoral list and shall constitute an integral part thereof.
(4) While voting is in progress, the pupil's or student's book shall be left with the section election commission along with the identity document of the voter, who is a pupil or a university student.
(5) After the voter sings the electoral list, the date of the elections shall be entered in the pupil's or student's book with a note that the pupil or student has voted. The book shall be signed by the chairperson or the secretary and by one member of the section election commission, who have been nominated by different parties and coalitions, and then it shall be returned to the voter along with their identity document.