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Article 261


(1) The ballot paper shall be combined and shall contain on its face:

1. the name and number of the election region;
2. the full and/or abbreviated name of the political party or the coalition of parties as stated in the application for registration thereof, or the name of the nomination committee, with the abbreviation for a political party being written as "ПП" [abbreviation for "political party" in Bulgarian], for a coalition of parties as "КП" [abbreviation for "coalition of parties" in Bulgarian];
3. (suppl. - SG 21/19, in force from 12.03.2019) a square to be marked with an "X" or "V" showing the preference of the voter where the sequential number of the political party, coalition of parties or nomination committee is written, which number may reach up to 100;
4. (amend. – SG 35/14, in force from 22.04.2014, suppl. - SG 21/19, in force from 12.03.2019) circles with inscribed the successive numbers, the number of which corresponds to the double number of the seats in the relevant election region, for placing the sign X or V, representing the preference of the voter for candidate of the candidate list of a party or coalition; the number, inscribed in each circle shall mean the successive number with which the candidate has been registered in the candidate list of a party or coalition plus 100;
5. (new - SG 39/16, in force from 26.05.2016) a square for placing the signs "X" or "V" representing the voter's will, reading "I do not support anyone".

(2) Lines of different parties, coalitions and initiative committees shall be separated from each other by an empty line and solid black horizontal line.
(3) (amend. - SG 39/16, in force from 26.05.2016) The name and number of the election region shall be written on the top line of the ballot paper. Details under Para. 1, p. 2, 3 and 5 shall be written sequentially from left to right on a single horizontal line for each political party, coalition or nomination committee. In the ballot papers for voting abroad, the name and number of the election region shall be replaced by the text "Ballot Paper for Voting Abroad".
(4) The requisite under Para. 1, p. 4 shall be written in the right part of the ballot paper.
(5) At the back of the ballot paper shall be marked 2 places for the stamp of the relevant section election commission.
(6) Ballot papers, which do not contain the essential elements referred to in Para. 1, p. 4 shall be used for voting abroad.