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Article 263

Identification of Voters

(1). Voters shall identify themselves to the chairperson or a member of the commission, designated by a decision, before the opening of the polls by producing an identity card or an internal (green) passport, applicable only to voters availing themselves of the provision of § 9a of the Transitional and Final Provisions of the Bulgarian Personal Documents Act. Where the internal (green) passport or identity card has expired, has been damaged, destroyed, lost or stolen or is in the process of issuing, the voter shall be allowed to vote if presenting a certificate for the issuance of personal identity documents.
(2) A voter who votes abroad shall establish his/her identity by producing a passport, identity card or military identity card according to Art. 13, Para. 1, p 1 and 2 of the Bulgarian Personal Documents Act. In case the validity of the ID document of the voter has expired, the voter shall be admitted to voting if he or she presents a certificate issued by the diplomatic mission or consular representation of the Republic of Bulgaria to the effect that the said person has submitted an application for the issuance of a new ID document.
(3) Voters voting on board of ships flying the Bulgarian flag shall establish their identity as follows:

1. the passengers: by producing a passport or identity card;
2. the members of the crew: by producing a seafarer’s passport.

(4) Pupils and students, in addition to the identity document in the cases referred to in Art. 241 herein, shall present to the section election commission a pupil’s or student’s card.