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Article 372

Drawing Lots for Number Determination in the Ballot Paper

(1) The sequential number of political parties, coalitions of parties and nomination committees in the ballot paper shall be determined by the Central Election Commission by a lot drawn in the presence of representatives of the political parties, the coalitions of parties and the nomination committees not later than 31 days before election day. The lot shall be drawn publicly and the registered candidates, observers and representatives of the mass media may also be present. The assigned sequential number shall be the same for the whole country and for the vote abroad. The result of the drawing of lots shall be publicly announced by decision of the Central Election Commission pursuant to Art. 57, Para. 2.
(2) Political parties, coalitions of parties and nomination committees that have not registered candidate lists shall not participate in the drawing of the lot and shall not be allocated a number and an empty line shall not be left in the ballot paper.