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Article 426

Entry of the Personal Date of the Voter - Citizen of another Member-State of the European Union in the Election List

(1) Any voter who is a citizen of another Member State of the European Union shall be admitted to voting after entry on the electoral roll of the Personal Number and of the number of the identity card or passport thereof and the number of the residence certificate and the date registration therein.
(2) Should any discrepancy be detected in any of the names of a voter, who is a citizen of another Member State of the European Union, and according to the identity card or passport, respectively residence certificate, if the resident address is identical, the data from the identity card or passport, respectively residence certificate shall be recorded in the column designated "Notes" of the electoral list.
(3) The residence certificate of a citizen of another Member State of the European Union, shall be left with the chairperson or, respectively, the member of the precinct election commission until the voter signs the electoral list (the list).