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Article 24

(1) The Constituency Election Committee shall:
1. monitor the implementation of this Act within the territory of the multi-seat constituency;
2. appoint District Election Committees;
3. monitor and supervise the drawing up and announcement of election rolls, the establishment of election districts, the printing of ballots and the issuance of certificates for voting elsewhere;
4. monitor the creation of conditions for physically handicapped persons to vote;
5. approve the numbering of election districts;
6. register election tickets of parties, coalitions and independent candidates and announce them in public;
7. register canvassers of candidates running for Parliament;
8. verify the signatures gathered in support of independent candidates;
9. submit the details of registered candidates for verification by the Committee under Art. 4, para 1 of the Access Act to the Documents of the Former State Security Service and the Former Intelligence Service of the General Staff immediately after the registration is completed;
10. communicate the results of the verification under subpara 9 to the leadership of political parties and coalitions and the initiative committees for the nomination of independent candidates;
11. provide District Election Committees with ballot boxes, voting ballots and envelopes, forms for records, transcripts and blueprints, while supervising their storage, distribution among districts and transportation;
12. hear petitions against decisions and actions of District Election Committees and issue a final decision thereon forthwith;
13. establish the voting results in the constituency;
14. announce the elected independent candidates and issue certificates to them;
15. submit the district records, the constituency records and other papers to the Central Election Committee.
(2) The decisions of Constituency Election Committees shall be announced at a generally accessible place in the buildings where they are located.
(3) The decisions of Constituency Election Committees under para 1, subparas 2, 6, 7 and 8 shall be subject to appeal before the Central Election Committee within three days of their announcement. The latter shall issue a decision within three days and announce it forthwith, whereby such decision shall be final.