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Paragraph 43

The purposes of the Draft Law, and an explanation of its provisions, are set forth in the legislative proposal. Some of the main items include:


1)   Inconsistencies between the provisions of the existing Voter List Law and new electoral procedures have necessitated special instructions by the SEC or additional instructions by other competent bodies.


2)   The adoption of the Law on the Protection of Personal Data in 2003 created new standards and procedures in this area.


3)   The application of information technology (IT) to voter list operations has superseded provisions of the old law that permitted the use of card files, and requires more detailed legislative provisions.


4)   The Draft Law would make clearer that the relevant authorities are required to permit inspection of voter lists between elections, as well as when an election has been announced.


5)   Provision would be made for citizens to make a statement of ethnic affiliation and for that information to be maintained in the VR database for inclusion in the voter lists for relevant elections.


6)   The provisions regarding voter registration for out-of-country voting should be reworked.


7)   Further specification would be made about the manner of registration for voters outside their place of residence during various kinds of elections, providing for temporary registration (including at out-of-country voting facilities) so that voters would not have to obtain voting certificates from their local authorities in order to vote elsewhere.


8)   More detailed procedures would be included for de-registration of voters, and for their temporary registration (voting certificates).


B.        Main Provisions


1.         Voter Registration, Correction and Deletion