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Article 25

(1) District Election Committees shall:
1. monitor the implementation of this Act within the voting premises and in the area of the election district;
2. assist the arrangement of the voting premises as required by law and with a view to ensuring the access of physically handicapped persons;
3. ensure the free and calm conduct of voting in the election district;
4. count the votes, draw up the records of the results of the voting in the election district and submit the records to the Constituency Election Committees within 24 hours after the end of voting;
5. submit the other papers and materials to the municipal administration within the time limits under subpara 4;
6. hear petitions and rule on them forthwith;
7. announce the results of the voting in public.
(2) The instructions of the Chairperson of the District Election Committee shall be binding on all citizens at the voting premises. Such instructions may be repealed at a decision of the District Election Committee.