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Article 24

The Authority of the Polling Station Election Commissions

1. The authority of a polling station election commission shall start from the date of passing the decision on its formation and shall terminate 10 days after the official publication of the election results by the Central Election Commission.


2. A polling station election commission shall:

            1) exercise control, within the limits of the territory of the respective polling station, over the observance and uniform application of the deputies election law;

            2) further specify the lists of voters, submit them for general familiarization, and, in the cases stipulated by this Law, introduce changes to them;

            3) provides the possibility for the voters to familiarize themselves with the lists of candidates for deputy from the parties (blocks of parties), with the election platforms of those parties (blocks of parties), with the information about all candidates for deputy registered in a single-mandate constituency and their election programs, as well as with the decisions made public by the Central Election Commission, the respective constituency election commission and its own decisions and reports;

            4) deliver or mail in good time individual invitations to each voter with the indication of the date of holding the elections, the address of the voting premises, and the time when the voting starts and terminates;

            5) ensure the preparation of the premises for voting and provide for ballot boxes;

            6) introduce changes to the ballots in the cases stipulated by this Law, based on the decision made by the Central Election Commission or the respective constituency election commission;

            7) organize voting at the polling station;

            8) count the votes cast at the polling station;

            9) declare the vote taken at the polling station void in the case provided for by Article 70 of this Law;

10) consider appeals, applications and complaints regarding the preparation of elections and organization of voting at the polling station, and make relevant decisions within the limits of its authority;

11) exercise other authority in accordance with this Law and other laws of Ukraine.