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Article 38

Voting Organization.

Voting shall be conducted in specially allocated premises equipped with an adequate number of cabins or rooms for secret voting, designated places for issuing ballots and designated places for ballot boxes. Ballot boxes shall be placed so that the citizens, in approaching them, shall be obliged to walk through the cabins or rooms for secret voting.

The division referendum commission shall be responsible for organizing voting, ensuring the secrecy of the citizens' vote, and supplying and maintaining the equipment of the premises.

On referendum day, before voting commences, the Chairperson of the division referendum commission, in the presence of the other members of the commission, shall inspect and seal the ballot boxes.

Every citizen shall vote personally; voting for another individual is not permitted. Ballots shall be used by members of the division referendum commission, in accordance with citizens list for the appropriate voting division, when a citizen produces a passport or other document to establish their identity. Upon issuance of a ballot, a citizen who has the right to participate in referendum shall confirm the issuance of the ballot by placing his/her signature on the list.

In cases where a citizen cannot personally come to the voting station due to health or other reasons, the division referendum commission, on the citizen's request, shall authorize a separate member of the commission to organize voting for those citizens at their place of residence.