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Article 43

National register of candidates The Ministry of Justice shall establish a register, which includes every candidate in the whole countr  in the combined lists of candidates in the relevant elections or candidates in the candidate list for the Presidential election (national register of candidates). The authority handling the candidate applications shall on the 31st day prior to the polling day see to it that the national register of candidates includes the information given about a candidate in the combined list of candidates or in the list of candidates for the Presidential election, as well as the candidate’s personal identity code. The information in the register of candidates is available free of charge to the candidate, the party and the joint list that nominated the candidate, and to the authorities referred to in this Act. If necessary, the Ministry of Justice shall prepare a printout of the national register of candidates, which includes by constituency or municipality the information concerning each candidate apart from the personal identity code. The Ministry shall see to it that a sufficient number of printouts are distributed to the central election committees of the municipalities, the election commissions, the election officials of domestic advance polling stations as well as to the Ministry for Foreign Affairs to be forwarded to Finnish diplomatic missions and Finnish ships serving as advance polling stations. The information in the national register of candidates shall be destroyed once the result of the elections has entered into force.