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Article 67

[Once polling has concluded the election board shall check once more, in the presence of list agents, the absentee votes which it has received and which have not been recalled.

If the person from whom the vote originates is listed on the register of electors and is entitled to vote and has not voted at the poll, the election board shall place a mark by the name of the elector on the register of electors.

If the absentee vote is not to be taken into consideration, cf. Article 68, it must be inscribed as provided for in the first paragraph of Article 50.

If a voter who has sent in an absentee vote is not on the register of electors in the polling section the election board shall make express mention of this in the record book and send such absentee votes separately to the presiding election board.]1)

1) Act No. 27/2002, Art. 18.