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Article 86

In order to determine which candidates have been elected from each list the election board shall calculate the number of votes of candidates in the following manner:

The election board shall consider those ballots where no changes have been made to the list. There the top name on the list is deemed to be in first place, the next name in second place, etc. The election board next considers all the ballots where electors have made any changes to the order of candidate and counts the number of votes for each candidate in each place on the list.

The names of the candidates on the lists are now arranged so that the one who has received the most votes in first place, pursuant to the second paragraph, shall be awarded that place. Disregarding this candidate, the candidate who then has received the most votes in first and second place together shall be awarded second place, etc. until a sufficient number of the list candidates have been ranked in their places that it is clear who shall be its regular representatives and who shall be alternates.

When one or more regular representatives have been elected from a list in restricted proportional elections those candidates on the list who were not elected shall be alternates.