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Article 26

(1) The National Council is elected by the Federal people in accordance with the principles of proportional representation on the basis of equal, direct, personal, free and secret suffrage by men and women who have completed their sixteenth year of life on the day of election.

(4) Eligible for election are those being entitled to vote for the National Council, who are in the possession of the Austrian nationality on the keydate and have completed their eighteenth year of life on the day of election.

(6) Persons entitled to vote presumably prevented on the day of election to cast their vote before the electoral authority, for example for absence, for reasons of health or staying abroad may make use of their right to vote by postal ballot upon application indicating the reason. The identity of the applicant is to be proven prima facie. The qualified voter has to declare by signature in lieu of oath, that the vote has been cast personally and confidentially.

(8) Further details of the electoral procedure are determined by Federal law.