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Article 9

Right to Be Elected


1.    A citizen of Ukraine who has reached the age of 21 years on Election Day, has the right to vote, and has been residing in Ukraine for the last five years, may be elected a deputy.


2.    Of this Law, residing in Ukraine shall mean:


1)    residing on the territory within the state border of Ukraine;


2)    staying on board of a vessel navigating under the State Flag of Ukraine;


3)    citizens of Ukraine staying abroad to work in diplomatic and other official representative and consular offices of Ukraine, international organizations and their bodies according to the procedure stipulated by law;


4)    staying at a polar station of Ukraine;


5)    serving in military units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine deployed outside of Ukraine.


3.    Individuals who reside together with individuals specified in paragraph 3 of part 2 of this Article as family members shall be considered as residing in Ukraine.


4.    A citizen convicted of a deliberate crime cannot be nominated, included on the election list, or elected a deputy unless such conviction has been served and pardoned under the procedure stipulated by the law.