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Article 55

Preparatory measures for at-home voting Persons entitled to at-home voting shall in writing or by telephone notify the central election committee of their municipality of residence about their willingness to vote in advance at home at the latest before 16 p.m. on the 12th day prior to the polling day. The notice may be prepared on the voter’s behalf by a person appointed by the voter. The written notice, which shall be signed, may be made using the form designed for this purpose. The following shall be included in the notice: the voter’s full name, personal identity code, address, municipality of residence, telephone number and, if the notice is prepared by the enfranchised person, his or her name and contact information; that the voter’s ability to move and function is limited to the degree that he or she is unable to come to the polling or advance polling station without undue hardship, and that he or she wishes therefore to vote at home in advance; and  whether the voter him/herself is able to see to it that such a person as is referred to in section 54 is present for the at-home voting. The election official is, if this is possible, responsible for removing any inadequacy in the notice and ensuring that the notice has been prepared by the said voter or the voter-appointed person. The chaiperson of the central election committee of the municipality must see to it that the voter is notified either in writing or by phone without delay of the time at which the election official will arrive at his or her home with an accuracy of at least two hours. At the same time, the phone number of the election authorities must be mentioned in case the voter wishes to contact the election authorities. If the election official is prevented from coming at the appointed time, the voter must immediately be notified of this and of the time of a new visit. If it has not been possible to remove the fault in the notification affecting the voting procedure, or if the notification to the central election committee of the municipality has been made after the time appointed, or if it is not possible to conduct the at-home voting at all due to a breakdown in transport services or another insuperable obstacle, the voter must be notified by means laid down in subsection 4 that the at-home voting will not be conducted.